ABC's of Estate Planning

Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: The Vue Grille & Bar 44-500 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells
Speaker: Howard L. Sanger, Esq.

Speaker: Howard L. Sanger, Esq.:  BS, UC, Berkeley; JD UCLA SOL; Masters Degree (Taxation) NYU SOL; Past President of the Beverly Hills Probate Committee;  Past Secretary of the California Bar Tax Section; past president of the San Fernando Valley Estate Planning Council; passed the California State Bar exam to be a Certified Tax Law Specialist (Howard is the only person in the Coachella Valley to pass the Certified Tax Law Specialist exam); co-author of Chapter 30 (Fiduciary Accounting) in the CEB three volume treatise on Will Drafting.

Topic:  The “ABC’s Of Estate Planning”.  The presentation will discuss the below typical, real-World questions that confront many clients. 

Question #1:One Mandatory Change.  After the 2017 tax legislation, what is the ONE enormous, humongous, gigantic change that all of your clients’ estate plans might have to make?

Question #2:Like Vacation Pay Use It Or Lose It.  Given the new law’s $11,180,000 transfer tax exclusion amount, is there any reason your clients that have a net worth under $11,180,000, should consider any of the “old”  estate planning techniques (i.e. gifting; FLPs; GRATs; GRUTs; CRTs; CLTs; QPERTs; IDGTs)? 

Question #3:Stepparent/Stepchildren Estate Planning:  How do you deal with second marriage estate plans where your clients’ remainder beneficiaries are their children from prior marriages? 

Question #4:Family Business Estate Planning Involving Ex-Spouses:  How do you plan for the preservation of a successful business where your client’s first wife owns 50% of the business (as a result of decade old marital-dissolution-property-settlement), and your client wishes to leave his 50% to his second wife of 20+ years?

Question #5:Family Businesses Estate Planning Involving Children With Different Interests.  What planning options are available to clients for the transfer of a very successful family business worth millions, to their children, where one child is “in” the business and the other is not? 

Question #6:Drugs & Alcohol.   What special trust drafting needs to be considered by your clients for a child with a drug or an alcohol problem? 

Question #7:What Step Might Mitigate Postdeath Litigation? 

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